5 Reasons Sport is Good for You

If you are looking for motivation to get involved in sport here are five good reasons:

Improved fitness

There is no doubt that sport helps to keep you fit. It helps with every aspect of your physical fitness.

Sport gets you moving, so you improve your cardiovascular health and circulation. It is the best way to help your body to rid itself of toxins.

Bike riding

Playing sport builds strong bones and muscles. This provides protection against disability and keeps you strong and fit for longer.

It is also fantastic for your mental health. Numerous studies have shown that being involved in sport helps people to recover from mental illnesses. Those who are involved in sport are less prone to common mental health problems such as depression.

Great social life

Part of the reason for this is that playing sport opens up a whole new social life. Even solo sports brings you in contact with new people. You meet the same people at events and end up training with people who live near you. If you play a team sport your social life will really take off. Most teams socialise together after a match or training session. Many hold fundraising events.

If you feel a bit lonely get involved in sport. In no time you will be part of a whole new social circle and no longer be alone.

Good for self discipline

We all struggle with self discipline. Modern life brings lots of distractions, so it is easy to lose focus and end up not doing everything you should.

If you play sports you soon learn how to be more disciplined.

You have to be if you want to succeed and win. Playing for a team gives most people the motivation they need to train and turn up at events on time. They do not want to let their team down, so learn to be more disciplined. This good habit eventually becomes the norm. It spills over into other areas of your life and has a positive impact on all aspects of your life.

Look better

There is no doubt that you look better if you are fit. Playing sport melts away the fat and tones your muscles. You will be able to wear the clothes you want and they will look great on you.

Have loads of fun

For us the biggest reason to get involved in sport is that it is fun. Whether you decide to take up table tennis, bicycle polo, baseball or football you will have fun. Loads of fun.

rugby in the park

So what are you waiting for get involved in sport again…

Sport is fantastic. All you need is to choose a sport and have a go. If you do not like that one move onto the next one there are literally hundreds of different sports to choose from and more being invented all the time. Even if you are not that fit you can still enjoy sport, walking football or swimming are two examples of sports you can enjoy even if you are not particularly fit.

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